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     Starfleet Tactical Ops

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    PostSubject: Starfleet Tactical Ops   Mon May 05, 2014 11:18 am


    @brujah007007 -BANNED - Expelled - Potential BLACK LISTER/ Leper colony dweller
    Mike Bromley@brujah007007

    1) Recruiting from allied fleets,
    • Was caught numerous times trying to recruit Allied fleet mates,
    • was pm’ing them asking them to leave their fleet to join his,
    • Was using allied TeamSpeak voice coms to recruit.
    • Was friending allied fleet mates to use as a list of recruits from allied fleets
    2) voices coms abuse,
    • numerous times was caught calling allied fleet mates names,
    • constantly arguing on voice coms
    • was pm’ing allied fleet mate saying “your stupid” simply for what the fleet mate was wearing
    • An allied fleet mate made a comment “man GA is everywhere” mike bromley was caught saying “not for long” on allied voice coms.
    3) argumentative,
    • was constantly arguing
    • got verbal and very argumentative with many allied fleet mates
    • when an area was cleared away from enemies, mike would say it’s not cleared  just to argue
    4) Abuse of Power,
    • Was caught pm’in an allied fleet mate saying  “ please don’t tell my fleet, this has nothing to do with them, I will be demoted”
    • Hide his behavior from his Fleet Admiral
    • As an admiral and second in command mike clearly stepped over his power and violated many bylaws.
    5) trying to be  sneaky,  
    • Would wait form certainty people to get off allied voice coms before trying to recruit
    • Would act differently when his fleet admiral would come online.
    • Fleet admiral was unaware of his actions
    • Was caught in p.m.’s  saying “ don’t tell your fleet admiral”
    • Hide his actions from STO Alliance
    6) backstabber,
    • hide his actions from STO Alliance
    • violated  STO Alliance constitution  
    7) Lying.
    • Lied to STO Alliance
    • Lied to his fleet admiral
    Violating STO Alliance Constitution

    Action Taken:
    Immediate Ban from any and all allied in game or external communication
    Immediate Ban and explosion from Star Trek Online Alliance.

    Black List - *Note: has not yet been voted on

    Star Trek Online Alliance took this very small fleet in under our wing. We gave them support, advice, gifts, military space & ground technique,  ideas, suggestions, access to allied in game and external communication, hooked them up with their very own TeamSpeak, gave them access to STO Alliance assets,  friendship and our open arms. We wanted to see this young sad Tier 0 fleet grow.
    Their Fleet Admiral:  @kirk01701 was the first to make first contact with STO Alliance. It was then he introduced his second in command mike bromley.
    Roy was not on nearly as much time as Mike was. Mike as second in command was able to make his sloppy moves w/o any respect for the STO Alliance constitution. He never told his fleet admiral the shenanigans he was causing for his fleet.
    After being Banned in game and external communications and expelled from STO Alliance. Roy their fleet admiral had taken a STO Alliance diplomat off his friends list.  Who’s to say what Roy really knew or didn’t know?
    There was no email or communication has been sent out at any time during or after the expulsion. It is thought that Fleet Admiral Roy in a rage unfriended the Diplomat. Leaving us to think we know where he stands. So there is no need for any further communication between “sfto” and the Great and Might STO Alliance.



    The Love You With Hold Is the Pain You Carry. Be the Love Light Laughter
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    Starfleet Tactical Ops
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